Amulet Market, Bangkok, Thailand


Last night my friend and I went to an excellent hardcore/punk show by Thai and Cambodian artists. They put on a great gig and I was obsessed with all of the Wong Kar-wai movie posters that decorated the place, as he is one of my favorite directors. I loved In the Mood for Love so much. I want to play the song from the Angkor Wat scene when I visit the temple. After being a bit pumped up from the show we wandered the streets of Bangkok on bicycles before calling it a night.


The next day Ian took out his tall bike so I could ride the other working bike (the brakes were broken on the other one). It was hilarious to see the reaction of the local Thai people to a tall bike. They would go oooohhhhhh or burst out laughing so loud and point and shout and laugh. They also would give huge thumbs up. It was amazing. I love Thai people. When traffic got bad we had to split lanes in rather precarious situations, sometimes riding in the opposite way of traffic (and splitting lanes).


It was nerve racking to say the least. But I actually really enjoy riding in the chaos of Bangkok, where anything goes on the streets. It was also a triumphant moment for me to overcome my fears and embrace life past my accident. Anyhow, we rode through the congested bright colored streets of Bangkok to access the amulet market, which was wicked cool.


I got a ton of amulets to make jewelry with in the future. One was pricey but it was the stomach of a snake meant to ward off bad magic. It was so dope I had too. I also got some wonderful hand made art pieces. One store was wicked as hell with tons of demonic statues. I was into it hahaha (goth girl at heart).



One of the ladies in the spooky shop had what I found out is called a child God Doll or Look Thep. It’s a new trend here in Thailand where it is believed that through an ancient ritual, the spirit of a child can be imbued onto a doll. Taking care of this being will provide you with blessings and good luck. It’s creepy as fuck, and I like that.


After  a full day of nerve racking biking through Bangkok, we got some classic fried chicken and rice at a small joint. The food here is insanely delicious. Everything is so fresh and well made. I’m in love with this place!


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