Flower Market, Bangkok, Thailand


I left Koh Lanta at 9:30 am. I stayed at Hey Beach Hostel and loved it. June, the hostel owner gave me a ride to the pier and I started a long ass journey. It was like the amazing race. I got in a sardine packed van and we drove through two ferries then to the Krabi airport. From there I flew into Bangkok where I took the A1 bus to the BTS, two trains and THEN jumped on the back of a moped taxi to finally arrive at my friend’s place.


A group of us went out to JAM and a super sick psychedelic 60’s mix of asian and American music was being played by this amazing Cambodian DJ. I did some twists and learned some Cambodian dancing. We closed the place down at an early time of midnight so to keep going out we went down to Patpong. We ended up crashing some old Thai guy’s party at a karaoke bar at 3am and got lit. It was sentimental singing Boyz II Men together. Abigail was seriously felling it.


The next day was a slow one of course. I got a ton of art supplies, ate some sketchy street food and then did a night bike ride through the streets of Bangkok. It was hot and sticky but the air movement of riding was nice. We wove through traffic, splitting lanes and sometimes going in the wrong direction of traffic (like you do in Bangkok). The city is well lit at night and there are tons of people out. We took some short cuts through china town and people were hard at work setting up shops. Our bike ride took us to the flower market. Marigolds are floating everywhere and are meant for temple.


P1220131 (1).jpg





The next day was pouring so I put my sketch books to good use. I threw on my awesome bootleg misfits shirt (I cut off the sleeves) I got at the night market for $4 and then played some The Brian Jones Town Massacre and got to drawing. I love Bangkok. It’s a city full of life and inspiration.


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