Krabi Islands, Thailand


There are a million islands out here (okay like 52 are a part of the Koh Lanta archipelago). You can go island hopping endlessly in the Krabi area. I personally don’t do well in constant heat so I’ve gotten burned out on island hopping. I made it to 9 islands and I’m satisfied! I’m going to have to resign and head back for Bangkok.


Looking back at the experience I have to stress it is important to preserve the traditional Thai way of life and the natural ecosystems. I saw many tourists kicking coral, standing on them, touching everything… This is not good at all for the eco system. Tourists (especially the Chinese) were also very rude to local people and treated them like “the help.” It was grotesque. I hope people can one day understand how precious and fragile these islands are and treat them with respect. I had to spend a short amount of time picking up trash from the beach featured above. It was so frustrating to see. It made me not want to be a part of what we were doing. I was thoroughly in awe despite these darker undertones, and overall felt very blessed to witness such beauty.


On a positive note, one site is really really hard to get to. You can only access this beach in and out from one point, a cave. Our guide was amazing and showed us the way through. He also took wonderful pictures and was so kind. All the water is emerald and crystal clear. I had never used the word paradise before, but after seeing these beaches I felt comfortable doing so.

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