View Point, Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand


This hike starts at the east side of the island. There is a road that passes Ma-Ney Resort and heads straight up. I recommend waking up before sunrise and heading out. The road is well lit actually with street lights for the most part but the last mile or so of the path is not illuminated. A handy head lamp or flashlight is good in case it is not bright enough by the time you get up there. There are signs to help lead the way. It’s a good workout.


After passing through a small village that is located there, you will see a toll booth (not really open in the morning, it’s only 30 Baht if it is and I think someone lives there so don’t be too loud?) and a little stair case that leads up to a great view. There is also a little market that opens up around 7:30-8am in case you didn’t bring water or if you are European, in case you forgot your smokes to enjoy at summit (hehe I kid I kid, but really they were smoking up there). I tried to capture the sun rising over the mountain and down onto Koh Phi Phi Don. The sky was brilliant with fire red and orange and the clouds were passing through, the atmosphere softening the gaze. And of course there are kitties up there, as they are all over the island.


As the sun rose to a prominent place in the sky, the golden hue faded and the blues really came to life. This is a must see hike, and a good way to take advantage of the real island. Definitely go at sunrise or sunset and bring water + flashlight + bug spray.


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