Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand


Koh Phi Phi Leh is a small island near Koh Phi Phi Don that can be reached easily during the day by long boat. It is one of the many islands within the Koh Phi Phi archipelago. ARCHIPELAGO… I never get to use that word. Anyway, you can’t stay here overnight as it is a park that has the ecosystem preserved. The Beach was filmed at Maya Bay and apparently they destroyed the fragile ecosystem to have a better shot. I am trying my best to not be wasteful around here and not negatively alter or impact the local ecosystems. I don’t think the other tourists feel the same way, considering the grotesque concept… MOON PARTY which will be hosted on an island nearby.



P1150099.jpg The emerald blue water shimmered under the overcast sky and I dove in for some snorkeling. Large round coral filled the bay and it was low tide so I could get up close, although I avoided touching any. I saw fluorescent rainbow fish of all sorts and there were a ton of long nose fish in the area. Luckily I brought breakfast from the market and some treats that I shared with the boatman. We spent a good deal contemplating in silence and enjoying the peace. He told me I was like a Thai person because of the breakfast I brought. Fried chicken and sticky rice steamed with coconut milk in a banana leaf. I’m all about it.


The last stop was viking cave. This is really just a gross cave that people squat in. Talk about punk. I got up to snap a photo and a man in the cave waved. Then a boat of Chinese men tourists on a boat behind me saw me and made ridiculous sounds at me. I’m pretty sure they were snapping photos of me in my bathing suit. It was pretty funny. The island seems to put foreigners into heat or something. I notice it’s like a weird European meat market over here. It’s high season and the land of smiles is too smiley for me right now. I’m ready to move on to a quieter island. But this one was worth it.


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