Bangkok III, Thailand


All the tuktuk exhaust and heat from the day made me pretty tired but I amped up with one of those small crack cans of coffee and met up a friend who right away brought me an extra helmet and offered up the back of his moped. We started a rather long adventure through the seedier parts of Thailand. I mean, it’s the thing here in Bangkok, right? It’s like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. So I couldn’t resist… Patpong.


Upfront… the ping pong shows… are supposed to be thing you must do out here. A guy in front of Super Pussy advertised a free show inside and 200 Baht a beer. We decided to check it out. I watched a lady draw with a sharpie from her pussy and another lady smoked a cigarette…with her pussy, duh. It was… interesting… then this lady brought a check for 1,200 Baht. We refused to pay more than originally agreed and cut out fast. She was yelling at us, trying to extort money! Why was I not surprised though…


Sometimes I feel like internet dating sites are virtual buffets of people. Here in Potpang, there is a physical and literal buffet of people. You just chose who you want to fuck and then you order them by their number. That concept kind of blew my mind. As a feminist, I think all people are in control of their own bodies and should be able to do as they please. I just think people should remember they are just doing a job and sex workers have rights too. I met a terrific girl at the lady boy show and we chatted it up. They were all so bubbly and fun there. It was good entertainment. Then at Bangkok Bunnies, number 5 came over to our table and chatted a bit. She gave me some tips on how to dance as my moves were nowhere near as good as hers. My short instruction was valuable because after strolling along the night market for awhile we went clubbing until 4am. You can lose sight of time fast here in Bangkok as the city never rests, it’s perpetually moving with or without you. I love it.


I think the most exhilarating part of this whole trip was zooming around Bangkok on the back of a moped. The wind is a great relief from the heat of the city and the experience is insane. We zipped between cars, buses, tuktuks, and men on foot pushing carts. Pretty much anything can go onto the street in Bangkok. There are no real lanes as you can even drive into oncoming traffic to get around cars stopped in traffic. I’m grateful my friend showed me around and I got to get that kind of experience. It makes me want a bike… and I’m encouraged to rent one once I’m in Chiang Mai.




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