Bangkok II, Thailand


The heat of the summer is here in Bangkok. The concrete radiates out the sun soaked rays, burning my skin. It is rather oppressive, but intoxicating in a way. The heat slows you down and gives you a dose of something smooth. To take the edge off the heat of the day, I rode my first canal taxi boat to the MBK shopping center where there was plenty of air conditioning. I got lost in the endless maze of elephant pajama pants and knock off Calvin Klein underwear but had a great time.


The Grand Palace was a must see tourist spot. It was worth the 500 Baht, but that seemed steep to me. It was nice, but very busy which detracted from any spiritual qualities.



After hopping around the palace and somehow getting burnt out on temples, I went back to wandering the streets. This city is 24 hours and full of life.



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