Montmartre, Paris, France


My first time in Paris, France I stayed in the 18th Arrondissmement known as Montmartre. An old church named the Sacre Coeur towered at the top of a nearby hill, providing vast views into the narrow sardine packed streets of vendors and corn roasters. I put in my headphones, held my personal items close to me and dodged all the sketchy dudes trying to put bracelets on my wrist, convincing me it’s a final purchase. Outside scams like that to avoid, a positive thing is you can BYOB out there and hang out with friends on the lawn for a great sunset.unnamed-12.jpg


I got a bit lucky on my trip, and in the district stumbled across some amazing company. On the late night streets of Paris, I ended up smoking a J with a famous French rapper. My new Australian friend and I were a little tipsy and laughed in protest at the claim to stardom. I voiced “If you’re a rapper… then rap!” Behold, the guy and his friend started rapping under a dim street light in the cold, and my friend and I were impressed. Of course we took down the info, looked it up in the morning (with a bit of a headache) and found out… it was the truth! So cheers to Montmartre! It lived up to the awkward hype I had skimmed in Herman Miller’s Tropic of Cancer. I mean, shit happens in Paris…


In the end, I was able to recover from some late night partying the true Parisian way with a salad, fries and red wine. This also accomplished my vegan French meal goal. I spent a few hours reading a terrific novel and felt finally like I belonged somewhere. Vive La France!


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