Central Paris, France


Okay, you know I had to go to the Eiffel tower in Paris. It was worth it! It was a chilly spring morning but the sun was shining so I slipped on some shades and went early around opening time. It was a good time and off tourist peak, so I was able to comfortably check it out. Also, if you are not married to the cramped awkward elevator ride to the very top, you can take the stairs to the main area for a third of the price. I preferred this route honestly. At the top it’s awesome because part of the floor is made of a heavy duty glass so you can stand on it and look straight into the courtyard below. FUN!


I also got a subway pass for 7 days for all zones. It was a bit expensive but well worth it. This was such an ideal way to travel around Paris. The public transportation is excellent (although yes I know some of the lines aren’t that clean, but hey I rode public transit in Los Angeles so I don’t want to hear it). I was able to either walk/train everywhere, including the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Royal Palace Arcade and the Catacombs.


63094805-7102-46ad-9f41-42cdad858be8.jpgThe Cathedral was absolutely worth waiting in line to enter. At first it seems daunting but it moves quickly. I was also moved quickly to tears in awe of the sublime beauty. It was strange though… The confessional was a glass cube. I guess that was the church’s way to be more transparent? ahaha ha *ahem*…


The second arrondissement had great shopping and the Royal Palace Arcade was pleasant. I got a great shot of some kids playing on that beautiful sunny day and I got some amazing vintage converse shoes… ironically. On a separate day I went to the catacombs where I learned THEY ARE CLOSED ON MONDAYS and you need to get there WAYYYY early. You will be in line forever. As a self proclaimed goth I was disappointed. It was so cramped and hard to breath I got sick…but I would do it again.





There are a million things to do in central Paris, so these are just a few. I would have to admit the catacombs aren’t quite central though. But the Louvre definitely is! Of course I made a trip to the Louvre and it was amazing! I would suggest a museum pass only if you are going to a million and are there for a short time. I found out many museums have discounted or free days! My museum pass did get me ahead of some lame lines though!













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