Byblos, Lebanon


Byblos! This is an ancient city with much history. You can access the downtown citadel and wind through cobble stone narrow pathways, most likely passing a wedding (Lebanese people love weddings). This area is very safe and meant for tourists. I would suggest exploring this ancient Phoenician port city. The city is one of the oldest in human history and longest occupied at around 7,000 years. The alphabet was developed here and this city was of course a critical port of trade with the Greeks. There are layers and layers of ruins for thousands of years, including a Roman altar where animals were once sacrificed. That was pretty metal. IMG_0484.JPG




There is also an amazing resort in Byblos I highly recommend. You have access to a million pools and then the Mediterranean Sea. The sunset was pink and sprawling over the water, providing sweet moments of silence. Night swims with drunken friends were amazing in this ancient salty water. It’s also a great way to cool off in the heat of the day as well.




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