Table Top Mountain, OR, U.S.A



This was a day hike in the Columbia Gorge of Oregon. The Gorge is only about a 45 minute drive outside of Portland, so everyone knows you can get a quick breath taking hike anytime (except when it’s so rainy there are mudslides and they close trails, because you know it will rain FOREVER here). Table Top Mountain starts pretty easy and then once you hit heartbreak ridge… the good exercise comes in. At one point, you are literally climbing up rocks, but it’s of course totally worth it as you have some of the best views of the gorge once you summit.



I decided to take a rest and precariously perch on some rocks at the top of the mountain. I couldn’t help but tempt fate and hang off rocks, looking at the vast gorge from upside down. I also meditated in the sun for a short time, appreciating other hikers respect of the silence at the peak. Then after some spiritual things, I took some selfies… naturally. I had to show off my Oregon wildlife shirt I got pre-torn at a garage sale for $1. I mean for real, what can you get these days for a dollar!? IMG_0408.JPG

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