Mount Hood, OR, U.S.A


This back packing trip was the best one I had done in the PNW so far, but I know there are plenty of others just as good or better. I went with another female back packer around May, where the conditions were still very snowy. We took some of the PTC trail and then some of the Timberline to a ridge. On the ridge we had to trek through about a waistline level of snow. Since our bags were 890900so heavy we would step on the snow and then just fall in. This was pretty entertaining for a girl that has only really lived in central Texas and Los Angeles. These hikes in the PNW are perfect for small portable water filters, as there is some of the cleanest water eFullSizeRender-1ver available everywhere. I recommend the Sawyer brand at REI. This worked SO well and I didn’t have to worry about lugging around too much water, where every bit of weight counts. I also highly recommend a NatGeo map for Mount Hood as signage is not
very good. The only bummer I had on this hike was that I didn’t clip my toenails. Oh. yeah. That’s a thing to be sure to do. I ended up losing a big toe haha eh ha *ahem*. The next step on this hike is climbing the mountain! Which can be arranged… FullSizeRender.jpg

2 responses to “Mount Hood, OR, U.S.A

  1. Just found your blog and love it! Great pictures! I wish Hood wasn’t so far away so we could get down there more often but I guess we have plenty of good stuff up here to check off the list.

    • Thank you! Yeah… there is SO much to be explored I get overwhelmed because I want it all haha. I’m so glad you enjoyed these pictures! I’m about to head to SE Asia so I hope to have some great new posts soon. 🙂

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