Blanca Lake, WA, U.S.A.


Blanca Lake is marked at about 3.5 miles, but this hike is actually much longer than that. The good news, is at such an elevation change, this makes the hike actually easier. Regardless, be prepared for some major switch backs for a minute there. The trail is well maintained, but with all of the attention, litter is beginning to grow along it. This was really disheartening. I strongly advise people: “pack it in, pack it out.” Despite that, the hike was fantastic. It is located in the Washington mountains, filled with breathtaking views of the Columbia Glacier.


You better believe I went swimming in that ice cold glacier water. It was FANTASTIC and worth it. Let’s see if you dare… Afterwords camp was made off the trail, as good back packing practice calls for. The views of the mountains were really a treat and flat grassy ground is available in some nearby meadows for camping. Warm coffee and fresh mountain air was a wake up call for me to get started on the much easier way down. IMG_2964.JPGIMG_2963.JPGIMG_2956.JPG

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